Yolkfellow Falls
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About The Comic Strip

Yolkfellow Falls is a monthly, one-panel comic strip that focuses on the congregation of the Yolkfellow Falls Community Church and their daily walk of faith. Always respectful of the Bible, this comic strip uses good-natured humor to examine the ups, downs and funny situations that we as the body of Christ can often find ourselves in. The themes that are examined in this strip are issues that we all deal with every day as Christians. Issues such as trusting in the Lord, giving our first fruits to God and reading the Bible, just to name a few. Each strip ends with a Scripture verse, which is intended to point the reader to the Bible, where they can learn what God says about the humorous situation they just read.

Yolkfellow Falls can be seen monthly in the Metro Lutheran. It has also been featured in Christian publications and church newsletters across the United States, Great Britain, Australia, India and Brazil.

About the Cartoonist

When not working on this comic strip, Yolkfellow Falls creator
John M. Engholm works as a graphic designer for a nonprofit health care organization. John, his wife and three children attend Cross View Lutheran Church in Edina, Minnesota.